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Single Tenant
Net Lease Specialists

STNL Development combines incomparable industry knowledge with outside-the-box thinking to develop unique solutions for companies that are expanding their footprint.  

Our Guiding

A laser-focus on solving our clients most difficult business problems with strategic start-to-finish real estate solutions.
A belief that regular clear, concise communication to our clients is the best way to help them make good decisions.
A commitment to working closely with our clients to understand their culture, values, challenges and opportunities almost as well as they do so that we can be an effective extension of their team.
A prioritization of long-term relationships over one-and-done projects.

Providing the
Resources You Need

Each of our clients face unique challenges and require outside help to achieve their aggressive goals. STNL Development’s team of problem solvers understand this pressure and know how to get results. IN fact, we have completed every project our clients have trusted us to take on).  

Every senior STNL Development team member has decades of experience, but we’re also creative and nimble enough to solve even the most complicated real estate problems. This experience, paired with our highly-developed process and track record of success are why our clients trust us with the responsibility of developing their new facilities.  

a Winning Plan

Understanding the challenges our clients face is the ONLY way to create the customized, cost-effective solutions we’re known for. Real estate needs change from industry to industry, which is why we follow an adaptable, problem-oriented process that is adjusted to meet the specific goals, culture, challenges and style of every company we work with.  

STNL Development builds a foundation for long-term, successful partnerships with our clients by investing the time and resources required to fully understand their needs from the get-go. To do this, we work closely with every new client to clearly understand their challenges and opportunities before developing an organized, detailed and specific plan that informs the way forward and leaves nothing to chance.




Market Research & Site Selection

We start by using proven tools to capture the information required to become an expert on target market and all available sites. This is followed by a market visit with our client, where we provide all of the details they need to select the site that’s right for their business. 

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Due Diligence & Approvals

Next, we establish a strong working relationship with our service providers and key governmental decision-makers to collaborate and achieve the best results. We also work hard to understand the approval processincluding the requirements and scheduleso we can solve problems quickly and gain approval in the shortest time possible. 

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Construction & Delivery

During the build, we hold regular meetings with our construction team and provide frequent, ongoing updates to ensure our clients know what is happening with their project at all times. We also look ahead to anticipate any issues that may arise. If there is a problem, we inform clients right away and provide our recommended solution. 

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Ownership & Operation

We own and manage a diverse portfolio of real estate assets across multiple geographic markets. This ensures that the transition from development/construction to operations goes smoothly for our clients. 


Experience Meets Agility

Every senior STNL Development team member has decades of experience, but we’re still agile enough to tackle even the most complex real estate problems. We come to work every day excited to put our knowledge and outside the box thinking to work for you.  


We provide unsurpassed value through an uncompromising commitment to quality in everything we do. We’re not the guys with a pick-up truck, promising to undercut everyone else to give you the lowest price. We’re the guys who work with you every day to execute the plan we’ve developed together, the guys who are there when you need us to solve problems, the guys who help you get where you need to go. 

Your Trusted Partner

Our primary focus is on long-term partnerships, and we pride ourselves on serving as an extension of our clients’ teamCase-in-point: we’ve worked with one client for 25 years, helping them to develop their real estate program and delivering over 120 stores. 

Tenacious Tendencies

We do whatever it takes to navigate the development process, overcome obstacles and get to the finish lineon time and on budget. In fact, over the last 25 years, we have delivered every project that has been approved by our clients. 

Let's Get Started

STNL Development isn’t afraid of a challenge. Our team of experts relishes the opportunity to solve your most difficult business problems with strategic start-to-finish solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your business grow its footprint, please contact us today.

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