STNL Development and our in-house broker are always searching for the next opportunity to acquire new real estate assets. In the past several years, our firm has acquired and managed properties across a range of asset types, including industrial, medical, retail and more.

Our expertise, paired with our established investor base and financial partners, means you can trust us to close on transactions quickly and competitively. Currently, we have three main areas of focus:

Occupied Retail and Medical Facilities

We’re currently searching for investment opportunities in industrial, retail, and medical facilities that are currently occupied by net lease tenants with 1-7 years of remaining lease term. Our team brings decades of experience in the single tenant net lease space and would love to talk with you about purchasing your property.

Unoccupied Retail and Medical Facilities

Do you own a stand-alone medical or retail location that isn’t currently occupied? STNL Development may be interested in purchasing your property. We excel at acquiring unoccupied properties, pairing them with future tenants and retrofitting them to meet the specific needs of the new occupant.

Industrial Sale Leasebacks

We specialize in helping companies to cash in on the value of their real estate without making changes to their existing business model. Do you currently own and operate a company with manufacturing and/or distribution facilities on site? We may be interested in purchasing your property and leasing it back to you at terms customized to your business needs. This seamless process allows you to continue to own and operate your business as usual, with newly freed-up capital.

If you are interested in selling your existing property, we’d love to hear more! Please contact us today to set a meeting with our acquisitions team.