Excellence. Every Day. STNL Development

Excellence. Every Day.

Beginnings are full of energy and promise. It’s in that spirit that today we launch the STNL blog, which will discuss our company culture (Excellence. Every Day.), provide thought leadership, and share industry news and stats.

We think it’s only fitting to devote our first post to our company’s commitment to excellence. After all, we intend to make this blog exceptional, meaning worthy of your valuable time.

It’s not lost on us that many companies profess an embrace of excellence, but in our case, at least, it isn’t just brochure copy, something we pay lip service to. No, it’s embedded in our culture to the point of being palpable. We even wrote a manifesto capturing this genuine commitment of ours. 

The manifesto was born of a motto we have embraced as a team: “Excellence. Every Day.” We believe this to be an inspirational—and fulfilling—way to work and live. You can read our entire manifesto here, but here are some highlights:

“Excellence. Every Day.”

It’s a huge ask. One may even call it daunting. Because let’s face it, even one day a week takes effort.

But to the credit of our amazing STNL team, they each embrace the motto and “bring it” every, single day.

How they do so vary from person to person, which is just how we like it. We want everyone to put their own spin on it and then own it as if they invented it. For example, our team members said that “Excellence. Every Day.” means:

  • Never wavering from your absolute best.
  • Working on each task to the best of your ability with high standards and integrity.
  • Striving to be better than you were yesterday.

We asked our colleagues how STNL—as a company—achieves excellence daily. Once again, the responses were diverse, but specific themes emerged. Here are a few sample answers:

  • Providing their workforce with all the tools and trust required to succeed while providing timely leadership.
  • Adding a high set of ethical standards.
  • Our team members work closely together and expect that we will succeed together.

This may very well be the secret to our success: committed colleagues, working together to achieve excellence; not just hoping for it, but expecting that’s what the team will deliver.

The drive for excellence isn’t, of course, confined to work. As such, it was interesting—and inspiring—to see how some of our colleagues aim for excellence outside of work. Among the comments made:

  • I try to be my best in all areas, such as family, church, volunteering, etc.
  • Being a kind, positive and supportive person.
  • I want to be sure I’m there as much for my family as I am for work.

And here we get to the crux: excellence at work matters greatly, but without a taste of excellence in our personal lives, we would feel something missing. But when we experience excellence in and out of work, we’re living fully, and that’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Indeed! We’re so proud of our STNL team and their dogged, daily pursuit of excellence. We look forward to sharing the results of that pursuit in future blog posts.

May your day be an excellent one.