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In the highly-competitive commercial real estate industry, seldom does a strategy emerge that creates a true competitive advantage, but STNL Development’s Impact Fund does just that. 

The STNL Impact Fund is a vehicle that invests funds into Opportunity Zones — areas in which investors gain certain tax incentives by making long-term investments in previously under-served communities.   STNL uses the resulting investment incentives to our clients’ advantage, by converting our reduced capital costs into rent reductions for our tenants.  Combined with additional incentives often overlaid by local jurisdictions, these savings can be significant over the term of the lease. 


It is likely that your business already has locations in Opportunity Zones or is eying a new project in one.  We invite you to use our interactive OZ map to learn more.

Enter a location or click on the map to find your OZ!

Data mapped by PolicyMap, an online GIS mapping tool.


The STNL Impact Fund can save your company up to 10% in occupancy costs when you locate on sites in Opportunity Zones.
Your company will enhance its brand by being seen as championing positive, community-based development.
The process is seamless. STNL works through the OZ incentives at the real estate development level and passes the savings on in the form of lower rent.
OZ areas routinely contain solid retail locations; the quality of your sites will not be compromised.


STNL has combined our expertise in national single tenant, net leased development with the incentives Opportunity Zones offer to forge a strategy that significantly impacts our tenants’ bottom line, while supporting the communities in which we develop.

We are currently pursuing sites in key OZ locations throughout the U.S. Connect with us and discover how your company can take advantage of this exciting initiative.

To learn more, contact our Opportunity Zone expert, Paul Morris, at or 513-225-3835.

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