anne pielage

Anne Pielage

Senior Real Estate Transaction Manager / Paralegal

Anne Pielage serves as a Senior Real Estate Transaction Manager, helping STNL to execute all real estate transactions quickly and efficiently. In this role, Anne is responsible for the management, accuracy and timely delivery of a multitude of transaction documents, as well as follow-up on key dates and conditions related to mid- and large-scale commercial real estate transaction.

Prior to joining the firm, Anne spent much of her career at Al. Neyer, where she served as a Development Project Coordinator before segueing into Transaction Management.

In her free time Anne is an active member of a ladies’ philanthropy group called EDGE,” which supports charities like Matthew 25 Ministries, St. Vincent DePaul and many others throughout the year. She also enjoys gardening and spending time with her family­—especially her three grandkids.