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Meet COMPASS: STNL Development’s Path to Successful Developments

Let’s be honest: no two industries are the same, and every company enters the development process with its own set of unique needs, challenges and company values. To account for this and ensure that we’re delivering exactly what our clients need for each project, STNL Development has created a unique, customizable development process for build-to-suit, single tenant net lease projects. 

Called COMPASS, this tested-and-proven development process is adaptable enough to fit the specific goals, culture, challenges and style of every company, but defined enough to deliver on every approved project. The five-step process ensures that you end up exactly where you need to be — in a location and building designed and constructed to specifically fit your unique needs. So, follow along as we walk you through the path of each development, from start to finish. 

Step 1: Exploration & Immersion

Our journey begins with conversations centered on questions that help us understand your ultimate destination. 

After exploring your goals, culture, customer demographics, development process and more, we share a detailed summary of our findings for your review and feedback to ensure we are pointed in the right direction. 

Step 2: Market Research & Site Selection

Once we’ve identified specific geographic areas/once you’ve assigned us to specific markets, we conduct extensive market and site research, including meeting with key municipal officials and local development and construction resources. 

We will learn the intricacies of the available sites and exactly what will be required to complete your project. As we identify a specific site, we will conduct preliminary due diligence to help you make the right decision. 

Step 3: Lease Proposal

After a site has been selected, STNL brings together all the thorough research and analysis we have completed into a comprehensive lease proposal. It includes key market data, aerials, site plan, timetables, rent, etc. 

Our proposal aligns all the details so you clearly understand exactly what you’re getting, how much it will cost and when it will be delivered.  

Step 4: Due Diligence & Entitlements

After a lease agreement is signed, we cover all the details for you. 

We deploy our team of industry veterans to oversee every facet of this phase—including title, geotechnical, environmental, architectural, etc.—to finalize plans and move through the governmental approval process. 

Throughout the process, we will provide steady, sustained and coordinated management to address any challenges that arise before putting a shovel in the ground. 

Step 5: Construction & Delivery

Our team of experts works in tandem with our contractors and design professionals to plan and execute an efficient process. We are committed to providing ongoing progress reports so that you know the project’s exact status, so we can deliver on time and within budget. 

And we understand that once a delivery date is set… it needs to be met. We’ve put our COMPASS development process to work across hundreds of new developments in cities across the U.S. Learn more about our development process by visiting the COMPASS webpage. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help with your next single tenant net lease project, please contact us today!