Creating Our Culture

In March, we unveiled our new cultural touchstone, “Excellence. Every Day.” It means something different for everyone: giving your all every day, being better than you were yesterday, and committing to achieving the best results. At STNL, we have a strong sense of responsibility to our team members—ensuring they have the excellence (tools, support, and flexibility) they need to succeed.

Our team members are in it to win every day, but winning without a supportive group rallying behind you can be difficult. We’re big believers in mentorship and the “we’re all in the same boat” mentality; everyone is working to help our clients achieve their goals. Everyone on the team contributes in their own way, and we all have a collaborative and problem-solving mentality. It’s why we give team members the opportunity to invest in projects they helped build, a privilege usually reserved for members of the C-Suite in other companies.

One of the core parts of our company is our quarterly gatherings. We bring the entire group to Cincinnati to strategize and socialize, getting some needed face time for our members not regularly in the office. We keep the gathering going afterward with fun activities like axe-throwing, Cincinnati Reds games, and brewery tours.

Of course, flexibility and time to recharge are always appreciated. Many of our team members work outside of Cincinnati; even our in-office employees have the flexibility to work from home when needed. We offer both maternal and paternal leave and generous Paid Time Off. In particularly successful years, we’ve taken employees and their partners on trips to relax and celebrate around the U.S.

We always tell clients that our secret sauce is what makes us successful. The size of our team, our flexibility to pivot, our emphasis on personal touches, and, most of all, our team’s drive to be the best set us apart from other development firms. We look forward to the future and continuing to grow our team and build our culture to new heights.